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Animated films, shorts and bumpers
White and Fluffy (2018)

Yadnee's thesis film was about a boy who grows up with a fear of white and fluffy things!

Click here to find out more about this project.

This film is an Official Selection for screening at the SENE Film Festival (RI, USA), Flying Broom International Women's Film Festival (Turkey), Dadasaheb Phalke International Film Festival (India) and the Irvine International Film Festival (CA, USA).

Wild Encounter (2015)

Official Selection for screening at 16 film festivals! See the list here.


Inspired by a trip to a drive-through safari, Wild Encounter was created by a three student team of Yadnee Kohok, Phillip Brunson and Carlos Soler Quiroga. Created on

a tight schedule of 10-weeks, Wild Encounter is a short 2-D animation about a family’s trip in a drive through safari. Check out more about this film here!

ASIFA-South presents RYO (2016)

(RYO) is a film festival highlighting local animators in the southeast. In partnership with the Atlanta Film Festival, this festival allows students, professional and independent animators to showcase their work. 

Here is the promotional bumper that Yadnee designed, directed, colored and edited for this event.


Check out more information for ASIFA-South here.

ASIFA-South presents IAD (2016)

Yadnee created the title sequence for ASIFA South's International Animation Day 2016 that was screened in Atlanta and Savannah (Georgia, USA).


Click here to find out more about the event.


Short projects I created for class or on my own time.

Pixilation- The Lazy Song

A music video created using pixilation.


*No Copyright infringement intended

Study of Form and Shape



Study of From and Shape 

Watch my take on this piggy walk

ASIFA Atlanta's Roll Yer Own 2015

The Annual Animation showcase for regional animations


All she wanted was to spend a quiet day at the beach...

Bizarre Noir

Exercise in creating a film noir look for a video


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